There are many sites out there giving advice about how to preserve, maintain and grow your garden well.  Here, we focus – at least initially – on the simplest ones.  In this article we are giving you our top 10 tips for newbies that can be integrated without spending hours (and dollars) in a gardening store:

 1.      Unused Coffee Beans – yes, who would have thought it?  But gardening should be (as much as possible) a lot about recycling.  And that’s exactly what we suggest with all your leftover coffee beans.  You can simply put your coffee grounds straight into the soil in your garden for one of the cheapest fertilizers!

2.      Tea – don’t drink coffee?  No worries; make your compost out of used tea bags.  It has been said that this produces way higher quality veggies, flowers and foilage.

3.      Deep Watering – for those who don’t seem to get a soaking from rain, every 10 -14 days ensure that your trees and shrubs and deep watered.

4.      Pick off Flowers – to encourage more growth (just like you do when you get your hair trimmed).

5.      Planting – make sure you plant your crops in wide flower beds but in tight groups so that you reduce weeding and water waste.

6.      Watering – the best time to water your plants is in the mornings as weather at that time is usually cooler but less windy.

7.      Use natural fungicides – you have it in your pantry; cinnamon is perfect for this.

8.      Old newspapers – make great natural weed barriers.

9.      Employ insects – don’t freak out (or spend time trying to get rid of) insects since actually around 98% of insects that fly around are actually good for your garden!

10.  Use essential oils – to get rid of vermin (especially good for this is peppermint as they are put off by the smell).